Science – Worm habitat experiment

We discovered how earthworms are adapted for their habitat and studied their behaviour using a choice chamber to determine their favoured conditions for a habitat. I enjoyed learning about earthworm physiology and how they are well suited to moving through soil….what did you learn/enjoy?

More Fiver Challenge pics

Hygiene first:

Such an amazing assortment of businesses:

Our Eid Party

We had lots of fun celebrating Eid with party games, dancing and eating! The boys won the human detangling contest, however the girls won the balloon game. The score remains 1:1 until next time….

Beast Creator Memorable Experience

We drew detailed sketches of insects, carved insect outlines into soap and watched the movie ‘A Bug’s Life’. What did you enjoy most? What would you like to learn in this topic? Do you have any good ideas for projects to do during independence time?


Youth Chinese Test

In Mandarin lessons, we have been working on a set of 80 Chinese words in preparation for the Youth Chinese Test, which will take place on Tuesday 5th June.
Please revise at school and at home to really increase your chances of passing the test. Remember: if you pass, it will mean that you can get Level 2 in Year 6 which will be halfway to a GCSE!