Our Eid Party

We had lots of fun celebrating Eid with party games, dancing and eating! The boys won the human detangling contest, however the girls won the balloon game. The score remains 1:1 until next time….

Fiver Project

Year 5 are all very excited about the Fiver project and we have been working hard in our groups in 5DF this week to make a poster to showcase what we will be selling or what service we will be offering.

We have also now prepared our sales pitches which we showed to the rest of the class today…..Dragons Den style!

Who do you think did a good pitch? What products/services do you think will sell well?

PicCollage (3).png

Beast Creator Memorable Experience

We drew detailed sketches of insects, carved insect outlines into soap and watched the movie ‘A Bug’s Life’. What did you enjoy most? What would you like to learn in this topic? Do you have any good ideas for projects to do during independence time?